The mill at Långsjöby

Address: Volvonäset, 92398 Storuman Show map

Address: Volvonäset, 92398 Storuman

The 1970s saw the restoration of the mill, weir and adjoining timber worker’s hut. A lumberjack cabin was moved there at the same time and, in the early 2000s, the rebuilding of an 18th century cottage completed the collection.

The surrounding meadows have also been restored using traditional flooding techniques that provide the best form of fertilisation. Hay is still collected on the northern side of the mill.

South of the river are remnants of older Sami settlements and, about 1km to the west, are some ancient hunting pits.

Easily accessible during summer. Wheelchairs and prams can be used in and around buildings but not on the paths.

Outdoor toilet, cabin, outdoor log fire facilities.

Short paths provide access around the area.

An annual Mill Day festival, hosted by the local village association, has been held here since the 1970s. The event includes fun activities such as cutting timber and hay, carding and spinning, natural dyeing and local handicrafts sales.

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