Snowmobile and icefishing

Address: Renstigen 1, 92066 Hemavan Show map

Address: Renstigen 1, 92066 Hemavan

Follow the guides from Hemavans Fjällcenter, and learn to drive snomobile and try icefishing.

Meet at Hemavans Fjällcenter. Snowmobile transport to suitable spot in Hemavan or surrounding villages depending on weather. Ice drills, ice fishing rods, maggots and firewood provided. There is the opportunity to enjoy refreshments
while fishing, so please bring warm clothing, something to sit on, your own drink and food e.g. sausages to grill on the fire.

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About this activity

  • Phone number
    +46 (0)954 30002
  • Email
  • Opening hours
    Wednesdays 09.00-12.00 from mid February , for other options please contact Hemavans Fjällcenter.
  • Price information
    SEK 500/adult, 200/children.